Thursday, October 20, 2016

This is my baby Kendell Girl!  My granddaughter Katiegrace gave me this dog purse for my birthday this month, and yesterday was my first time using it.  It is really nice, and Kendell likes it too!  She doesn't try to get out, but it does have a built in strap just so she wouldn't be able to jump out while I am walking carrying her.  Her fur is growing out, and she is needing a little hair cut. 

Hello Friends,
Hope all is well with each of you!  I am doing pretty good today.  It is a dreary, steady, rainy day, and I'm LOVING it!  I have the back slider open and listening to the constant patter of the rain on our aluminum patio cover!  What a sweet sound!

I was going to write more today, but this is all I have to say.  It is now a few minutes to midnight~
So, Good Night Friends~

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hi Friends~

Hi Friends,
I am back!  LOL  Had no idea so much time would go by before I wrote another post.  The above sewing was from my Hubby for my Birthday this year.  I didn't even have all the plastic covering off of it yet.  I have plugged it in, but still have yet to put thread in it and run her~ (I want to give her a special name.)   Been looking on Pinterest for some ideas to get my imagination going again with sewing, and I think I will just start out with some type of free form sewing and make a tote bag.  I'll take pictures when I do.

This past month has been very nice with lots of family activities, and celebrations.  Tomorrow is my grandson Owen's 7th birthday, and then our 41st anniversary and my son's 39th birthday.  November is one of those few months of the year we don't have a birthday to celebrate, but there is Thanksgiving.

I have been thinking a lot about my dad recently.  He passed away in 1981 while I was expecting my third child Joan.  Not so sure why my mind is going to him so much, but it is. 

Well, I am crocheting my granddaughter Gwynnie an afghan right now.  Again, pictures later.  She picked out the colors herself. 

My daughter Joan and I have also been crocheting hats for Samaritan Purses Christmas Shoe Boxes...  The hats will go to my other daughter Donna who puts together these boxes as her Christmas project.  So we all are a little involved in doing them.  It is a worthy charity~

Many of us have some level of depression we deal with for one reason or another.  I know I do.  It isn't real evident to most people, but those closest to me know I have lots of down days or moments.  This past 2 years I had lost interest in just about everything in life.  Nothing seemed to hold much interest for me.  Until recently I have been trying to get some of these interests back, like the crochet/knitting, and writing, and now sewing.  It is a very forced effort on my part to get these interests back.  I am so thankful for my family and friends that have been encouraging me to get my interest in being creative back.  Just this week I heard something from a woman I follow on You Tube.  You would never know she suffers from depression, but she tells us she does.  She always has such a big smile on her face and she is very creative and makes small art projects she sells on EBay.  Here is her advice for those suffering from depression:  LOOK forward each day.  PLAN ahead each day to do something special.  CREATE something each day.  I found this very encouraging to me.  If you have problems with depression this might help you too! 

Until later~