Thursday, April 26, 2018

Good Morning Friends!  It is 11:15am so that is morning!  And it is bright and sunny today!  Yay!!!  This makes me happy and I actually feel some energy today.  Praising the LORD for this blessing!

Yesterday, Wednesday, I had a nice time out with my friend Jan!  We went to Wendy's, had lunch and just chatted for a couple hours.  I know it was so good to reconnect in person, and be able to just feel connected to the outside world and a friend at the same time.

After coming home I took an hour nap, and then Don and I had to go to Costco to pick up a couple Rx.  You see, yesterday morning was a high stress morning because my insurance is not recognizing me because they received April's payment, but not May's yet...EVEN THOUGH THEY WITHDREW THE MONEY FROM OUR BANK ACCOUNT!  I guess it hasn't been 'officially' processed yet so therefore I am still considered ineligible~  ARGH!  But, with no insurance the Pharmacy only charged me a small amount for my 2 prescriptions.  I bet with the insurance the copay would have been higher than what I paid, plus the insurance company would have had to pay their part.  Sometimes I wonder just how important it is to have insurance if they will give you a reduction for no insurance.  Of course, all this is for routine.  If there was a major problem I might be glad to have insurance.  Enough of that ranting!  Be content in ALL THINGS!!!

Joan is coming over for lunch today.  I offered 2 different types of quiche or a vegan burger, but she is on a raw diet today, so I can make her a strawberry smoothie.  She is also bringing a salad.  I am still making a quiche-cheddar and broccoli from Costco.  They are very good!  We will probably play some more Rummy.  Just maybe I'll win a game this time!  LOL  I've been on a losing streak.

Today is loads of laundry and dishes catch up.  I need to make a good check list for all the things I need or want to get accomplished soon~

↣↣↣↣↣↣↣↣↣↣↣↣↣↣ later
Don mowed our grass for the first time this year!  It needed it so bad.  We have loads of dandelions and he will be putting something on them soon.  They have taken over most the back yard.  Argh!

Joan, Megan and I had a nice lunch today.  Well, I should say I did with my delicious quiche.  Poor Joan had to eat the worst salad she had ever eaten.  I believe one of the special lettuces had gone extremely bitter, and the combination of her home made dressing and the lettuce it was really awful, but she insisted on not wasting it.  She gets the credit for that one.  I tasted one leaf and it was terrible!!!

I had a delicious black bean burger for supper, bought from Costco!  I can't wait to have another one real soon!

How was your day?  Until later!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Okay, I am officially over this dreary weather!  I did get some pictures taken the past few days to share.  Of course I took them when the rain was ceased.

Two flowers that have come up~

Our neighbor's tree in bloom~


Our Red Buds are starting to bloom!
Our two buoys we bought years ago in Maine~
The drift wood our daughter found years ago.

The birds and squirrels love this feeder and especially during the winter.

A woman gave out these in Sunday School a few weeks ago.
There was all different kinds of wood.

This rose was given to me Saturday by the waitress at a restaurant.

It has been a quiet day for me.  No company and no going any where.  I laid down about 3 times and took a little nap which never really made me feel more perky.  I guess I don't have much to share except the pictures. 

Please pray for a few really dear people close to me who are suffering in different ways.  God knows who they are and He loves them more than I could.  I do believe so much of what we go through is a spiritual or physical battle, and the LORD  wants to fight our battles for us!  Ask and we will receive the Bible says.  Asking is prayer, so that is why I ask for you to join my prayers with me.  If this is as clear as mud, don't worry, God knows all things!  Hallelujah!  

Tonight I am watching the 1960's game show Password and the 1960's Andy Griffiths~  I watch Password on You Tube and Andy Griffith on Netflix.  Since I remember the originals it is very homey and comforting to watch  them!

Hope you have had a good day!  

Monday, April 23, 2018

Today was a good day!  Still waiting for a nice warm, sunny Spring day.  It was rainy and chilly.

My two girls and youngest granddaughter Megan went to Aunt Mary's for our every other Monday lunch together.  Aunt Mary loves to cook, but today she surprised us with going out for pizza.  I had my little Kendell with me and didn't want to leave her in the car so she went in with us, along with her little bed and 'fox' blanket in the bed.  She was on the bench between Megan and Joan and no one said a thing.  She is only 7 pounds and very well behaved.  It was a nice lunch.

While we were there a friend of the girls that I hadn't seen in about 20 years was in for lunch also.  The girls were chatting with her, and I didn't recognize her.  I asked her if I'd ever met her before, and was so surprised to find out she was their friend from the church they grew up in.  She had spent lots of time with us, but I still didn't know her.  It was very nice seeing her again~  Her son is graduating from high school next month! I getting old!  LOL

After going back to my aunt's house, we played Rummy which is one of my favorite card games.  Then it was time to come home.

Today was suppose to be the day I started my clean eating, and that didn't happen!  I must learn to not let "special" events throw me off.  I'm hoping to take off some weight, but also to maybe improve my health for my next quarterly blood work I get done.  Tomorrow is the new starting day!

I enjoyed reading some Scripture this morning at the dining room table.  I was reading 1 Corinthians 12.  I like this verse:
1 Cor 12:12
For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.
We are all different but still part of one Body in Christ!

How was your day today?  Hope it was nice!
Till tomorrow!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hello Friends,

Don and I are doing well.  The main news is that he has this coming week of work and then will be retired!!  Wow!  I cannot believe it!  We have thought about this time almost since we first got married.  Then we would dream of retiring when we were old, sitting on a front porch and with him carving wood and me quilting.  He gave up carving for doing stain glass and I have given up quilting for - still to be determined!  Life has a way of changing our interests I guess.  I was doing art, but haven't decided if I'll keep doing that.  Maybe I should clean my house!  That would be a good Spring project.  Deep cleaning is what I'm talking about.  Windows and shades, oven and refrigerator, etc.  We shall see.

I have an IPad now!  Yes, this is a big deal because I do not have a smart phone, and could not take pictures and down load as well, or videos and other apps you do on these devices.  I must say, I love it!  My family and I keep in touch now with a new app call Marco Polo.  If you have someone you want to keep in touch with by little instant videos this is a good one to use.  Now we can see what each other are doing right away and we can share info or chat and then watch when it is convenient to do so.

Recently I have been going to church on Sunday mornings more faithfully and going to a Sunday School class which I love immensely!  Don and I have never really gotten to go to SS together much because he is usually warming up in the Praise Band during that time.  But we are going now, and he just leaves class about 15 minutes early.  The class is taught by our pastor and he does a great job.  There are hand outs weekly which I also love and lots of Scriptures to work on during the week.  This is really motivating me to get back into the Word!  I have also started back with a women's Bible study group I had attended a few years ago, and dropped out because I go to my aunt's every other Monday.  But the ladies have missed me as I have missed them, and invited me to just come every other Monday when I can.  It feels like the LORD is opening up some much needed doors.

Don and I are planning on some low cost things to do around our area after he retires.  He has worked and lived on 3rd shift for the past 8 years, and before that was so busy with his past employments there was little time for us to ever do anything together.  So, now that we are OLD, we hope to enjoy some time together with friends, family and ourselves.  LOL  Old!  I don't feel old!  My grandmother when she was about 65 or so, said, "You might see an old woman, but I am telling you I am only 16 years old inside."  I thought she was nuts because she WAS OLD!!  Oh times, they are a changing!

Hope to post pictures more often, and get back to enjoying writing here in this blog!  Love you all, and hope all is going well in your life!


Saturday, September 23, 2017


Hello Friends,

I will have to say this was the hottest FALL day I can remember, since yesterday was the first day of Fall!  I think it has been hot in most states, but here it was in the low 90's and even though it is almost 8:30pm it is still 82 outside.  Whoa!  I will miss these temps when it is 32 degree outside!  But I will never complain because I have good air conditioning and electricity, that I know many people don't have.  I am thinking of all the Islands especially that have no electricity.  Let's keep praying for them to be able to restore their power quicker than they think.

Got up early this morning for the grandkids soccer games.  Since Joan's church has a women's breakfast planned this morning, I helped out with the kids at the soccer field.  It was lots of fun, and again, I had brought 3 umbrellas which helped tremendously shield myself and some others from the hot sun.  And I still managed to get a sunburn!

I brought two of my granddaughters home with me for the day.  While they were playing video games or playing with toys I was working on my art at the dining room table.  Here is what I accomplished today.



Art Junk Journal

How I do my personal daily journal pages and then write out my days activities.

Finally, a plate of God's perfect art and creation!  It was YUMMY!

How was your day today?  Hot?  Any art for you today?  Reading?  Visiting?  Cleaning?  Hope to hear from you my Friends!