Saturday, September 23, 2017


Hello Friends,

I will have to say this was the hottest FALL day I can remember, since yesterday was the first day of Fall!  I think it has been hot in most states, but here it was in the low 90's and even though it is almost 8:30pm it is still 82 outside.  Whoa!  I will miss these temps when it is 32 degree outside!  But I will never complain because I have good air conditioning and electricity, that I know many people don't have.  I am thinking of all the Islands especially that have no electricity.  Let's keep praying for them to be able to restore their power quicker than they think.

Got up early this morning for the grandkids soccer games.  Since Joan's church has a women's breakfast planned this morning, I helped out with the kids at the soccer field.  It was lots of fun, and again, I had brought 3 umbrellas which helped tremendously shield myself and some others from the hot sun.  And I still managed to get a sunburn!

I brought two of my granddaughters home with me for the day.  While they were playing video games or playing with toys I was working on my art at the dining room table.  Here is what I accomplished today.



Art Junk Journal

How I do my personal daily journal pages and then write out my days activities.

Finally, a plate of God's perfect art and creation!  It was YUMMY!

How was your day today?  Hot?  Any art for you today?  Reading?  Visiting?  Cleaning?  Hope to hear from you my Friends!