Sunday, March 17, 2019


I wrote an email today to a dear friend who writes a blog. Her name is Linda and her blog can be found here:   I just love reading her blogs and hearing about her days on her little farm and dealing with her beloved animals, and working on her crochet or sewing projects.  I hope you look her up and follow her!!!  Tell her I sent you to her!!

I'm not been wanting to write with so much going on in my life right now.  But I do think it is a healthy thing to do to get my thoughts out and share with you my friends and family.  Most might already know some of the struggles, but I'll put it out here for prayers if you would please.

My mother in law passed away and we had a very nice memorial service.  That night I got the flu for 10 days!  There was also lots to do  and decisions to make to finish out her accounts and get her settled in her earthly location.  God is so good to bring along friends and family lend such great support!  It is also a time to bring our extended family together.

I am undergoing some heath testings regarding my breasts.  They have done the mammogram, and in a few days sent me for 2 more indepth testing with a radiologist so I went home with the findings.  Now I have to make some biopsy appointments for at least 3 different growths.  A radiologist will be on site and may move to a more serious biopsy if it seems needed.  I am up for this to find out what I am dealing with.  My peace reigns through my Faith in Christ Jesus, my eternal king that loves me.  With whatever the outcomes is, I know God's Mercy rules fully.  I praise His Name for this!!!!


Love and hugs to you my friends!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Another Blessed Day

This is NO JOKE!!!!  I have written out and posted pictures for this post today TWICE, and after the end of writing it, it has disappeared!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so frustrated right now, but will give this one last try!  LOL~  I have actually had a very good day~  I guess this is my trial to see if I will still feel blessed!  I DO!!!

Thursdays are a very special day at our house.  We have our two girls, Donna and Joan over for lunch.  I try to fix a nice lunch that gives us fun choices.  Today was baked cod, crispy bacon, tater tots, lima beans, asparagus, cooked cabbage with vegetables, hot pickles and black olives.  It was really tasty!  

After we ate, Donna and Joan helped Don bring in the treadmill from the garage into the kitchen/dining room.  Donna has a Million Step Challenge going on for the next 3 months.  Even though I am not taking that challenge, I did get a step watch to help me start to increase my steps daily.  It is a good daily challenge just to get up and try to walk more than normal.  Donna jumped on while we were talking the last 20 minutes before she left and got in 2,000 steps!  Go Donna!

I had a mammogram appointment late afternoon.  Don drove me and dropped me off at the door so I could run on up to the office.  Shortly I heard Don out in the hall talking and laughing with someone.  Turns out it was two very good friends of ours who just happened to be at the same hospital we were in, and had gotten off on the wrong floor.  After my appointment we ran into them again as they were leaving when we were.  So we decided to go to Red Robin Hamburger for dinner together.  It was so much fun.  I called it our Divine Appointment Surprise.  God is so good to give us these awesome surprises in life!

I am now holding my breath as this is where it has this post has disappeared at this point twice!  So I am going to quickly upload this, and saying, May God Bless YOU in a special way!!!  Love and Hugs~

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Recent Journal Notes

February 27, 2019 – Wednesday

Good Morning! It is only 5am and I can't sleep. My brain got engaged, so even though I did not get enough sleep I'm awake. My first thoughts were about Ryan having gone to the ER yesterday due to waking up in the morning and have a tightness on the left side of his chest going through to his back. Don, Donna and I convinced him to go to see doctor just to be on the safe side. We all prayed and I know the LORD answered our prayers.

Yesterday was a full day. I had a nice lunch with my friend Lois at Panera Bread. Lois was the one that I have known for many, many years from Christian Scribes writers group. Lois started the writers group about 40 years ago, and just stepped down from it a couple years ago. She has also been helping out or leading a bible study at the nursing home Alva, my mother in law lived in up until she passed away on February 2, 2019. Lois felt immediately after Alva passed on to Heaven to give her a memorial service there at the Home for Alva's staff and friends there. As it turned out, mostly family was able to come. This was truly a blessing for the entire family, and some friends that came. We all saw a few miracles the LORD worked out in the family, so we could all be reconnected and joined as a family. Alva's prayers were answered for her boys to be brought together again in unity.

Lois shared with me how she met her beloved husband. I enjoyed learning how they met, and what a blessing their marriage has been to them over these past almost 60 years! They met while catching a train in Boston during her college years.

March 1, 2019 – Friday

This writing is not going as I hoped it would. It seems harder to journal than I imagine in my mind. So I'm going to try a little harder.

I finally got enough sleep in last night. My Cpap machine said it was 8.5 hours exactly! Way better than my 3 to 4 hours a night and then having to at little naps here and there.

My other main goals besides writing and blogging is to read my Bible daily and start walking more. I can walk around my house, go outside or go to a store or the Kettering Rec Center. Donna and her family have started the Million Steps Challenge for the next 3 months. They all got pedometer watches to keep track. She said Walmart sells them for $30 so I might get one.

Memory: I was reminded of a story I wrote and just loved when I was in about 7th grade. It was called THE MOUSE IN THE COOKIE JAR. I don't remember now exactly how the story went, but I do remember being so proud of the story I had created. I can journal write, but never been one for imaginary writing.

The Inner Circle has been very active on Marco Polo this morning. It is a fun way to start the day off connecting with everyone, and just seeing what they have to share so early. Joan and Elizabeth haven't been on yet though. Maybe later. I know Joan is still probably getting all the kids ready and off to school.

Time to do my Bible reading before that gets by me again!

Morning Thoughts

I woke up this morning with my usual thought and that is what am I passionate about? What is it that I love? Of course this does not include my family and friends, but more what takes up my time, my interest and what I want to spend my time doing.

I used to like doing a lot of needlework and that type of thing but a few years ago I lost interest in all of it. I used to love getting up and studying the Bible and making notes and writing out my thoughts and I guess I still do but I don't do it. I'm just a little concerned that if I don't get started working on something my time on this Earth is just going to pass and I won't have accomplished anything in these last years.  

When I talk to some people they have so many interests, and I think what are mine, why don't I have any. This morning I was thinking I have to pick something and go after it with all my heart as unto the Lord. So why not pick the Lord? I need to get back to studying the scriptures because when I do I see the Lord more clearly and I hear him explain to me many things that he's written in his word.

So this morning I'm laying all this at the foot of the cross and just asking the Lord to allow me to draw closer to him. We can draw close to so many things of interest in this world, but this life and this world only last for a short time  and I know in my heart it's what we do for him that last for eternity.

My mother-in-law passed away the 2nd of February, and the news keeps writing about the actor Luke Perry that just died of a stroke at the age of 52. I will be 64 this year and each day should be lived as the most precious gift I have ever been given. When it is my time to leave this earth what will I have left behind? I want to say I've left behind loving memories in people's hearts and I've left behind love that is eternal. I believe true love comes from Christ alone and he gave us the example of laying down our life for others.

I probably have a lot more to say but since it's only 6:23am I will go ahead and post this for now and get to my studying.  Hope to write more later on what I'm reading and gleaning~

Friday, February 8, 2019

My dear mother-in-law passed away on February 2nd 2019.  My husband Don and I have been married over 43 years and I will miss knowing that we can just go visit or give her a call. But I know she's with Jesus and for that I'm very grateful.