Friday, September 15, 2017

Getting Back On The Horse~ I think!

Hello Friends,

Time has flown again!  I must say that I've had writing a blog post on my mind for a week or so.  It is almost like falling off a horse.  How do you get back to blogging and where do you start again.  I asked my husband what I should write about since I don't think I live as exciting a life as some seem to live.  He said to ask a question and see what answers I might get.  Not sure what that question should be though.  How about if I ask you just simply "how are you doing these days"?  Simple enough I guess.

I am doing pretty well these days.  As my close friends and family know, I have gotten hooked on painting, gluing and collage art.  My skill level is very elementary, but my enjoyment is great!  In fact, I just spent the last hour painting papers for a future collage picture or two.  With as many papers as I've painted in the past few months I should be set for life!  LOL

I know some of you have seen these already, but for those that haven't here are some examples of my recent art.

Many of us had loved ones in the path of the hurricanes in TX and FL, and I hope everyone you were concerned about came through okay.  It sure has been a very anxious time for lots of people.  My son who lives in FL was able to leave and his apartment was not damaged and I am very thankful for this!  It is still a stressful time though as people still have to deal with problems as a result of these hurricanes.  Many of my prayers have been directed to these people.

My family is doing well.  My grandchildren are all growing up faster than I'd like, but they are turning into lovely people.  My oldest entered high school last month and my youngest will enter kindergarten next fall.  There are 7 all together.  I am blessed.

Today I fixed a delicious roasted cabbage and ground beef casserole with celery, carrots and mini portabella mushrooms.  No sauce was made with it so we could either use Shiracha, or an India sauce we enjoy.  It turned out very good.  I also roasted French green beans and okra.  I ate them for lunch.  Took a few pictures.  I'll have to get use to taking pictures again too.

Those are corn breads with the beef/cabbage casserole

My friend Brenda and I are reading through the Book of John in the bible as many times as we can.  I am trying to read this one book at least 30 times.  I had a friend do this many years ago, and it was embedded in her heart and mind.  Brenda knows I have resorted to listening to the chapters on the Internet, and I can read along with the reading.  Here is a really good bible reading if you are interested.  Of course you can pick any book of the Bible and any chapter you want to read.
It is only in the King James version though, but that is my favorite.

Today I took a couple pictures of my birds.  The green birds one foot has been acting like it doesn't want to work, and daily I pray over him to be healed.  The Bible says that a sparrow doesn't fall that the LORD doesn't know about, so I know he cares for 'Green Birdy'.  

I read a blog post today about how to make a Bee Bath or Watering Dish and thought you might like to make one for next Spring.  I plan on making one for our back yard!  Here is the blog post:
Bee Bath  by A Creative Operation. 

Thank you for giving me a chance to get back on that horse/ writing a post!  


  1. Hi Cathy. Love all your artwork of course...and I really liked reading about the bee bath. I've never heard of that before. You birds look very content and I can hear them chirping sweets songs in my mind. I'm glad you're back. Between you and your daughter, I don't know whose meal I want to try to prepare for myself next. They both look good. Love the colors of the two pieces of art I hand't seen and looking forward to what comes about.

    1. Thanks BG! I'm so unsure about my post writing this time. Don't know why? Maybe it is good for me to try to write because I have gotten so far away from writing for a long time. Making me think harder! LOL With painting you just smear paint. You are the writer so you know what I'm talking about. Hope you have a good night! Hugs~

  2. Beef cabbage casserole very tasty!


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