Monday, September 18, 2017

Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Hi Friends,
I have decided I will not blog on Sundays, and then catch up on Mondays.  Saturday's blog was so full I decided to save some until now!

Saturday my oldest daughter Donna ran in a half marathon for the first time.  I am so proud of her accomplishment, especially since just 3 weeks before she had fallen and sprain her ankle very badly, and had to pray it would heal in time for the marathon.  I saw her ankle today and it is still puffy but I hope it starts to go down soon.  Also, during the marathon she had 4 blackouts where her vision went, and she almost quit which would have been very understandable.  But she decided she was determined to finish and she did in a very good time.  Out of 1,995 runners in her gender category, she finished 784th!!!  That is Great work Donna!  So proud of you!!!  FYI....Donna completed a full marathon in 2011 I believe, (long with my other daughter and son) and this was her goal of doing a half marathon....her last!!!  LOL

 Lisa and Donna

The sign says RUN not Rum!

Trust me, this was a good picture!  
Once the bruising and injury set in it was not pretty!
So you can see she overcame a lot to run in the 1/2 Marathon Saturday!

Yesterday, Sunday was church.  Our church has been doing a very extensive renovation in it's Sanctuary.  They closed the Sanctuary in June and yesterday was the 1st service in the newly remodeled Sanctuary.  It was so pretty!  The pews had been in need of reupholstering for a long time, and new carpet, and many other things including new sound equipment.  Don plays in the praise Band and he was very happy with it!

This was warm up before the service.

Don has recently started a new work schedule where he gets some weekends off, which we are thrilled with since we haven't had weekends for almost 7 years!  So we went out to lunch and also got to watched our football team, the Cleveland Browns lose!  Boo!  We had delicious fish and chips and coleslaw which was Cod fish.

This screen was right in front of our booth!
Sure hope they have a better season than it is starting out!

Sunday evening we were both yawning a lot, so we took Kendell for a short walk.  Half way down the street my neck and shoulders were in spasms.  Isn't that a funny reaction to being out of shape?!!  I hope to take a short walk daily until I can walk without this happening.  A lady we passed who was probably older than we are, and we commented on the yard work she was doing.  She said it was a better work out than going to the gym!  We liked her attitude!  

Today, Monday was full.  I left at 8:30am to go pick Donna up to go to our aunt's house which we go to every other Monday.  Aunt Mary has my two daughters, myself and any of the kids that aren't in school over for lunch.  Cooking is her way of showing her love, and we appreciate these visits very much.  When she has some extra sort of work in the yard, my girls help her out.  Today was cutting tree branches, and cutting down a tree and cutting out those rapid growing trees that shoot up over time.  I was a tiny bit of help to Donna with a few branches and the picture of me was basically staged to look like I'd helped more than I did.  I did throw a half dozen branches on the pile!  LOL

After driving Donna back home and picking up my granddaughter from school, Donna trimmed Kendell's fur.  You will notice a big difference from the picture of her sitting on aunt Mary's lap!

I was trying to get her to perk her ears up without success.

Tonight has been miscellaneous cleaning, dishes, laundry.  Hope tomorrow I do some art.  I might splash a little paint tonight in my junk journal~  

See you tomorrow!  Thank you to those of you that have commented and sent me emails!  You are appreciated very much!!!

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