Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Hello Dear Friends,

Another day the LORD has made, and I am happy in it.  I truly am, but I also spend a lot of time lifting my heart up to the LORD with the needs and sufferings of so many, both personal friends and family, and the things going on in the world.  Today, I am praying for those affect by this hurricane Maria, and those in Mexico having to deal with this huge earthquake that stuck this afternoon.  Just want to encourage you to also pray for the burdens on your heart today!  The LORD hears all prayers!

Today my daughter Joan and her youngest spent the morning and afternoon with me.  I always enjoy our time together.  Joan and I worked on our art together, and I fixed spaghetti for lunch.  Joan had a slice of her dad's latest cheesecake masterpiece!  He has become a cheesecake baker with outstandingly delicious results!  This latest cheesecake is my favorite because it is so creamy.   He has also made the best coffee cheesecake.

Here is my two collage pages I made today.  They aren't the best pictures or angles, but didn't realize that until I downloaded the pictures.  I am very happy with them though.

The pencil in the picture is actually a picture!

Here is Don with his coffee cheese cake and the latest cheesecake.

Tonight we went to our oldest granddaughter's soccer game.  It rained on us a little bit, but not too bad with umbrellas.  We both enjoy going to these soccer games so much! 

Well, tonight is a short post.  I have Book Club in the morning.  Will see you tomorrow then!

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  1. I LOVE that piece of artwork! Wishing for a piece of that cheesecake! LOL


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