Thursday, September 21, 2017


Hello Friends!

It has been a quiet day for the most part, with several nice phone calls, and loads of gluing and painting art play!  I think I needed a 'down' day, and I know Kendell did.  I could not even get her to go outside in the morning, or even out of bed.  This is not like her at all.  Usually she jumps right up when I get up and wants right out.  Two hours after I had gotten up I had to force her to get up and go out.  I think all our running around and the heat had gotten to her.  She would just look at me like, "Leave me alone mom, I'm tired"!  Reminded me of a teenager on a Saturday morning!  LOL

Other than loads of dishes today, art is about all I did, and watching You Tube videos.  So I'll just post the pictures, and that is about my entire day!

How was your day today?  Hope you are doing well, and had a good day!

Good Night Friends!


  1. Good evening Cathy,

    Quiet days/nights can be creative or restorative times. Days of rest are important to our being.

    I love seeing your work. So many different styles and ideas you have here. Some evoke nostalgic feelings. The Door Tamer makes me smile to my toes. The little girl sitting on the ledge reading would be something my mom would find and give to me.

    The special pages in your binder, are they photo pages? I am looking for some pages to put my movie ticket stubs I have collected.

    God bless you.

    1. Hi Jan! Thanks for the encouraging words! I love it!

      I got the Sport Card Protective plastic covers at Walmart in the office supply area. They are $4 something for 12 sheets. I got two packs. They are nice! That is cool that you have collected movie ticket stubs! I like that idea! Hugs~

  2. Glad you had a nice restful day. I also watched youtube today...sermons. Loving all of your artistic creations! I've really got to start doing some. <3

    1. Thanks Brenda! Listening to sermons is important work for the day! Love you!

  3. Love your beautiful day. Hope Kendal got rested up-my chihuahuas have been telling me that same thing! LOL


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